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This advisor help you with social, emotional, physical or spiritual enrichment and wisdom. Experience with science, math, pets and publication also highlighted.


About My Services

This advisor has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and motivational speaker. Her background is in Public Health Education, having received her Certified Health Education Specialist credential in 1990, has used her experience in founding a nonprofit corporation and offering two decades of services.

Additionally, she is a certified teacher in MI and NC, with endorsements in biology and PE. She has taught students primarily in K-8 and offered emotional/social advisement for teens in areas of teen pregnancy, self esteem, substance abuse prevention, etc.<br><br>Finally, she has a passion and depth of experience with both wild and domesticed animals.

She has offered online advisement since 2000.

BS, MSA, teacher certification

Specializing in....

Elementary Education, Homework Assistance, Standardized Test



Health departments, nonprofits, schools


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