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I can help you with your research papers, essay writing, paragraph writing, summary writing and creative writing.


About My Services

I can assist you on your homework on any subject whether it is science, history, english and more.

I can help you write your books, summary of a book, thesis writing and essay writing of any type.

I can also help in creative writing with good illustrations, graphs etc.

Techinically, I have written proposals for a project, Requirement Analysis, Risk Factors in my company.

BCA (bachlors in computer application, MCA (MASTERS IN COMPUTER APPLICATION), CCNA (networking course)

Specializing in....

Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Graduate Education, Homework Assistance, Languages, Professional Training, Special Education, Standardized Test



2 years experience of working with multi-national company (Sapient). Currently working in an Indian company that is HCL technology. I have worked on many projects like hotel management systems, banking management systems and worked as a component level hardware engineer in HP too.


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